Hi, i’m debbie

Debbie Dee

Let me tell you more about me

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Photography makes my heart sing! I love being able to capture moments in time. I feel like that’s such a special gift to be able to give my clients. This passion comes from my own experience as a Mum. Before having kids I never really understood why parents always said they couldn’t believe how fast time flew – but now I get it!

My sweet family

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I have 2 kiddos of my own and it’s no exaggeration to say they’re my whole world. I’m a little obsessed with them but they’re only 5 and 8 so don’t mind me being stuck to them like glue for now (thankfully, haha!) Having said this, I have perfected the art of hiding from them in the bathroom (we’ve all done it!)

Music loving Mama!

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I’m a self-confessed nerd, I think that’s maybe why I married a drummer – to make myself seem much cooler than I actually am!¬†We love music in our house and you’ll often find us having family dance parties round the living room. We really should remember to close the blinds!¬†Everyone gets a turn to pick a song so Taylor Swift, RHCP, WWE entrance theme songs and Lag Wagon all feature in heavy rotation.

Kindness is cool

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I truly believe that kindness is the most important value a person can have. I tell my kids they’ll do well in this world if they always remember to have courage and be kind (I have this written on a bracelet that I wear every day – you might see it at your session!)

Siblings laughing and smiling at each other - Debbie Dee Photography - Aberdeen Photographer

The best job in the world

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My goal is to capture natural moments and real connections. I want to give you the gift of memories – beautiful, natural and timeless images that preserve these moments in time that you’ll want to hang onto forever. I know just how important this is to me when capturing my own children’s childhood. Being able to give this to my clients honestly makes me feel like I have the most rewarding job in the world.


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